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This program is designed for individuals who are seeking to enhance their skills in motivating and inspiring others. It is suitable for supervisors, managers, team leaders, or anyone who is responsible for leading and motivating a team. The course covers topics such as understanding motivation, identifying and using different motivational strategies, and creating an inspiring work environment.


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Project Management 7th Edition Course
Virtual Team Building and Management
Trust Building and Resilience Development
Team Building Through Chemistry
Supervising Others
Supervising Others Sale price$299.00
Lean Process and Six Sigma
Lean Process and Six Sigma Sale price$299.00
Leadership and Influence
Leadership and Influence Sale price$299.00
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management Sale price$299.00
Facilitation Skills
Facilitation Skills Sale price$299.00
Employee Motivation
Employee Motivation Sale price$299.00
Developing New Managers
Developing New Managers Sale price$299.00
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and Mentoring Sale price$299.00
Budgets and Financial Reports
Office Politics for Managers
Middle Manager
Middle Manager Sale price$299.00
Self-Leadership Sale price$299.00
Performance Management
Performance Management Sale price$299.00
Meeting Management
Meeting Management Sale price$199.00
Manager Management
Manager Management Sale price$299.00
Servant Leadership
Servant Leadership Sale price$299.00
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management Sale price$299.00
High Performance Teams Remote Workforce
High Performance Teams Inside the Company