Supervisors and Managers

The Supervisors and Managers  is an in-depth program designed for those in supervisory or managerial positions, as well as individuals aspiring to these roles. This course provides participants with key skills and knowledge in areas such as leadership, performance management, team building, and financial reporting. The course aims to cultivate effective leaders who can drive team success and contribute significantly to their organization's overall objectives.


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Self-Leadership Sale price$299.00
Performance Management
Performance Management Sale price$299.00
Virtual Team Building and Management
Trust Building and Resilience Development
Team Building Through Chemistry
Supervising Others
Supervising Others Sale price$299.00
Office Politics for Managers
Middle Manager
Middle Manager Sale price$299.00
Manager Management
Manager Management Sale price$299.00
Lean Process and Six Sigma
Lean Process and Six Sigma Sale price$299.00
Leadership and Influence
Leadership and Influence Sale price$299.00
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management Sale price$299.00
Facilitation Skills
Facilitation Skills Sale price$299.00
Employee Motivation
Employee Motivation Sale price$299.00
Developing New Managers
Developing New Managers Sale price$299.00
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and Mentoring Sale price$299.00
Budgets and Financial Reports